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Welcome to my website, I'm Yuri...

I am a software developer for backend services and solutions. Here, I want to share my experience and knowledge gained from working on various projects and tasks. If my qualifications and experience can be of use to you, I’d be happy to assist!


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Completed Tasks:

My proposal
What I offer you as a developer:

• development of cross-platform software of any complexity
• software development with integration into your website or mobile solution
• development of CRM systems, as well as various business accounting and control systems
• development of software in the field of information security
• development of software in the field of GIS systems
• development of mobile applications for Android and iOS

Main development stack:
• Golang

Additional development languages:
• Python | C# | C/C++ | Delphi …

What’s important to me in my work:
• maintaining transparency regarding the current state of affairs at any stage of the work
• adhering to the principles of “Clean Architecture” and “Clean Code.”
• following internal code conversion regulations when working with the team
• proposing improvements and optimizations for solutions or the tools in use
• sharing the knowledge and experience gained.

Work experience in major companies:
HORISEN – in the telecommunications sector.
SATEL – in the telecommunications sector.
Microolap Technologies – in the field of information security.
Panorama – in the field of geographic information systems and technologies.

Freelance websites (work and reviews):

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